SMART Lesson Workshop – Lesson Development II

SMART Lesson Development Workshop™ Intermediate - Full Day

SMART Lesson Workshop - Lesson Development II
Efficient, effective lesson design and a greater understanding of SMART Board pedagogy is our goal!

This training is meant to follow the Lesson Development Workshop Beginner Session.

In this training participants will take a critical look at SMART Notebook lessons and determine what works best. We will discuss and gain an understanding of SMART Notebook lesson development best practices, and apply these principals to content in individual subject areas. The goal will be to create effective, stronger SMART Notebook lessons for the classroom.

Topics covered include:

  • Considering technology as a means to support pedagogy and the curriculum
  • Designing lessons for responsive, student-centered delivery
  • Identifying your intentions and designing and organizing the lesson
  • Considering message design/delivery
  • Distribution options and how to extend learning time
  • Knowing where to find and incorporate the best resources
  • Applying what you’ve learned about lesson development

Similar to the Lesson Development Workshop Beginner Session, this workshop provides ample time for lesson development in the teachers’ individual content area(s).

For more information or to schedule this training, please contact Make the Grade Training Solutions™ at 815-814-4281.