Classroom and Boardroom Training Solutions

Classroom and Boardroom Training Solutions For Interactive Whiteboards

Time to more effectively teach in-person and online.

Most would agree it’s necessary to integrate technology in a seamless manner. Now that the investment has been made, it’s time to ensure that staff can deliver on the promise of interactive technologies inside and out of the classroom. We’ll help them do just that!

  • We help teachers and trainers create high-impact lessons that incorporate interactivity and multimedia
  • We guide and foster confidence… lesson design and delivery should be engaging and growth-promoting
  • After working with a highly qualified SMART trainer, teachers and trainers will understand how to access multiple resources from within one lesson
  • Formative assessment is so important. Assessing regularly and with fidelity using SMART Notebook and SMART Learning Suite OnlineTM has proven to lead to greater classroom performance.
  • SMART Learning Suite OnlineTM lets students use their devices to engage in lessons anywhere, not just in front of the class. Bringing in gamification using SMART tools leads to dynamic lessons!

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The 4 C’s are Vital in Today’s World

Collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication are essential skills. We’ll support staff in improving lesson design geared toward reaching these goals.

Technology to Inspire Engaged Learning