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Multidimensional Experience & Expertise – The Lifelong Learner

As my LinkedIn profile demonstrates, I’ve got a varied background that has enabled me to be a key player in a variety of organizations. My skills run the gamut from training large groups of teachers nationally to providing consulting to start-ups and helping small businesses with social media support and customized software integration assistance. Currently there is a large need for parental support for e-learning and home schooling, so my 17 years of teaching and tutoring has led me to start E-Learning RescueTM to provide greatly needed tutoring assistance during these uncertain times.

As a five-year survivor of traumatic brain injury, I’ve overcome major adversity.  I continue to grow a large network of professional contacts worldwide that complement my diverse interests.  I’m an advocate for brain injury survivors and I love learning about neuroscience and brain-based learning. I collaborate with individuals in the virtual and augmented reality industry, and I’ve assisted with software integration for medical practices and other small businesses requiring hands-on-deck training. My current focus on assisting families with e-learning and mentoring K-12 teachers and college professors keeps me challenged and busy. Luckily, I love a great challenge!

I enjoy consulting for technology start-ups. Assisting diverse clients with marketing pitches and content creation for products aimed at the education, medical, and manufacturing marketplaces is exciting work. Got a product you’d like to introduce to K-12 schools or universities? I’ll happily share my expertise from nine years of working with large and small educational institutions. My experiences working for and presenting to the virtual & augmented reality industry have convinced me that immersive learning and technologies will be a huge growth industry in the next ten years. Lovin’ that!

Here’s a summary of my teaching and training qualifications. (*To learn more about my other endeavors visit my LinkedIn profile.)

  • I was a classroom teacher for 17 years and hold a Masters Degree in elementary education. I hold endorsements in Science, Social Science, Language Arts, Speech & Technology.
  • Since 1998, I’ve tutored over 100 K-8 children.
  • I’m a member of the International Society of Technology Educators (ISTE). I thoughtfully interweave digital literacy and safety skills into curriculum that I customize to each child’s needs. This is essential learning!
  • I have a deep background in teaching & learning strategies that includes Quantum Learning, the AVID program, and more.
  • I’m on top of the latest learning trends. I train groups and individual teachers on essential strategies to reach ALL learners in the typical regular education, online, or special education environments. I provide one-on-one assistance to teachers needing to develop their skills to better manage classroom and online teaching expectations.
  • As an educational consultant I’ve had long-term partnerships with the Wisconsin Technology Initiative and the Santa Fe Public Schools to deliver interactive whiteboard training to ed tech coaches and teachers. I’m a leading interactive whiteboard trainer nationally and have trained over 1000 educators.
  • I’m honored to be a member of the Illinois State Board of Education Technology Specialist Committee. My role has been to help shape teacher certification testing in Illinois. Pearson Publishing invited me to be part of this esteemed group of educators from throughout Illinois. 

Let’s start a discussion for 

  • Integration assistance & consulting for immersive technology in education, healthcare, business and manufacturing
  • Sales, marketing, & social media consulting for healthcare, business and manufacturing
  • Trade show exhibit management and exhibit sales
  • Audio visual sales rep training for Education & Enterprise
  • Improving lesson delivery using technology for remote learning (for K-12 & Higher Education staff)
  • K-8 tutoring and homeschooling assistance, E-Learning Rescue

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