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Why should you choose Make the Grade Training Solutions?

Our Philosophy

Successfully integrating any technology, especially interactive whiteboards in the classroom, can greatly impact learning. With so much emphasis on 21st Century Learning skills, our goal as teacher leaders/trainers is to work with your staff to create and deliver organized, yet purposeful training events for your organization.

We welcome and encourage your participation at every step in the process of planning professional development. Our number one goal is to ensure our customers are satisfied. Our experience, belief in open communication and high quality standards enables us to guide and assist our customers through each phase of the training process.

Our Experience & Expertise

Our trainers are experienced educators. We’re certified trainers who understand the interconnection of teaching, technology and learning. Familiar with the SAMR framework for technology integration? We create understanding of the bigger picture of tech integration in the classroom! We cover not only interactive whiteboard best practices, we discuss how to more effectively integrate student devices!

Our focus is on successfully integrating a variety of higher-order teaching/thinking models including AVID strategies, Quantum Learning, the Depth of Knowledge framework, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and many other educational approaches geared toward promoting higher-level thinking skills and the 4 C’s, collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking.

Our training experts share a multitude of pedagogically sound teaching tips and deliver resources that promote greater success in using interactive technology tools and one-to-one devices.

Our Promise to You, We’ve Got You Covered

As an experienced adjunct instructor for graduate education courses, and through PERA Joint Committee participation, I understand the importance of PERA legislation and how it relates to comprehensive teacher evaluation. By assisting teachers in their quest to improve student growth using technology, Make the Grade Training Solutions can help schools meet and exceed school improvement goals.

We’re SMART Certified Trainers, SMART Certified Lesson Developers, and SMART Exemplary Educators. We also train using other interactive flat panel products, call for details!

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