Professional Presentations

Professional Presentations 

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November 2019 - VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution in Education Chicago VRAR Association Speaker & Panelist

My Chicago VRAR Discussion Topic: Reaching the Education Audience

Some things I shared…

  • What direction will you take in Education? Let’s look at ONE goal… let’s get your product in the classroom!
  • Key Players & Decision Makers
  • Making Decisions…the how-to’s are so important
  • What’s In An Engaging Lesson? …Successful lessons include so many elements (this is a crash summary!)
  • The 4C’s of learning
  • The SAMR Framework

Summary description of the panel discussion that followed…

“Some feel that education is the area in which VR and AR will make the most revolutionary impact on society. From AR tabletop displays that come alive in the classroom to watching the history of a neighborhood unfold through VR as the class field trip travels through time, education will be radically changed through immersive tech. How is this going to be rolled out across the educational field and who will get the first benefits and who might get left out? With retention stats showing VR/AR dramatically improving learning capabilities how will this change approaches to teaching and classroom activities? We will explore these questions and more with our experts who are at the forefront of these new educational horizons.” (description from https://www.vrarchicago.com/events/vr-ar-thenextevolution-in-education/)

Link to the event Facebook page with presentation. I start at approximately 46:00 minutes in. Kind of a wonky recording at times.

March 2019 - VR & AR: #TheNextEvolution in #Training Chicago VRAR Association Speaker & Panelist

My Chicago VRAR expert training panel contribution included sharing my experience working for Embodied Labs Virtual Reality…

“…Embodied Labs Virtual Reality utilizes their immersive training platform for companies committed to providing excellent care and service. Through VR experiences, those providing care can embody the perspectives and conditions of other people, gaining an understanding they can’t get from traditional training tools. These insights empower users to provide more effective care.” (www.embodiedlabs.com)

Summary description of the VRAR Chicago panel discussion that followed…

“Humans learn by doing. Simulation – placing a person in the context of a situation, to teach them how to respond -has been part of industrial training from the beginning. Pilots spend days in simulators before ever taking charge of commercial jets, because simulation presents an opportunity to place the pilot in a situation that would be too dangerous or expensive to replicate in the real world. Virtual reality and augmented reality present the opportunity to deliver simulation training at scale, and across industries. Current use cases include subject matter as varied as handling sensitive human resources issues, emergency response to a chemical spill, and doctors training on a new procedure. Come learn from pioneers in the industry that are currently delivering VR and AR training capabilities.” (description courtesy of https://www.vrarchicago.com/events/training-with-virtual-reality-and-augmented-reality/ )

Will share more presentations soon!

Summary description of presentation…


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