SMART Lesson Workshop – Lesson Development I

SMART Lesson Development Workshop™ Beginner Session - Full Day

This is designed for the interactive product user who has been using the SMART Board and its software for 6 or more months. Focus will be on more effective and efficient lesson design strategies. Developing targeted lessons for the SMARTBoard is an art teachers love to perfect!
We will introduce Technology-Integrated Teaching utilizing the TPACK™ framework and cover the SAMR (substitution-augmentation-modification-redefinition) Model demonstrating just where technology does and does not fall in lesson delivery.

Teachers will gain brief hands-on experience operating the SMART Board. Some basic concepts of SMART Learning Suite to be covered include:

  • Designing Efficiently: Making the most of existing Notebook resources
  • Determining when to use digital technology
  • SMART Notebook™lesson file structure
  • Content and Activity pages (using Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy)
  • Customizing SMART Notebook™ lesson files
  • Working with text, objects, object animation, hide & reveal, Infinite Cloner, tables, multimedia objects, distributing notes, linking objects and more
  • Included are Advanced Challenge tasks for students to grow beyond their current level of understanding
  • The SMART Exchange, including sharing resources and finding Standards-Correlated Lessons
  • And much more!

What’s great about this SMART Board training session is it allows for ample hands-on time for teachers to work alongside a SMART Board pro on their content-specific lesson creation for the classroom. 

For more information or to schedule this SMART Lesson Development training, please contact Make the Grade Training Solutions™ at 815-814-4281.