Augmented & virtual
reality support for
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E-Learning Rescue services
to help your student thrive in today's environment
Improve online and classroom teaching for higher education staff

During these challenging times, how would you like a professional tutor to walk alongside your family two-three times a week to help create a calmer, more efficient learning experience?  Your child will not only survive remote or hybrid learning, but with extra help, they’ll thrive!

We’re full of optimism that the 2020-2021 school year can yield many positive learning outcomes!

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We help teachers and training providers from a variety of professions improve lesson delivery using technology.

We can meet the needs of online teaching! We’re happy to provide online training opportunities for staff to get up-to-speed on SMART Learning Suite Online.

Classroom Training Solutions

Pedagogically sound on-site and online training to improve teacher confidence and learner outcomes.

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Partnerships Will Enable You to Do What You Do Best

We partner with AV pros to maximize customer satisfaction before, during, and after the sale.

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Training Center News

Interested in becoming a Make the Grade certified trainer? Make the Grade Training Solutions is proud to be the Midwest’s leading training center.

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