SMART Notebook Intermediate

SMART Notebook Intermediate

SMART Notebook Intermediate - Full Day
Intermediate SMART Notebook - Six Hour Session

This training session will provide in-depth information about SMART Notebook and the SMART Learning Suite.  Participants will learn how to use a variety of features to create more interactive lesson activities. Participants will complete all the activities from this session on their computer. Emphasis will include discussion throughout on creating higher level critical thinking lessons and specific Common Core applications. Discussion on how to achieve success on PARCCTM and similar assessments will also take place.

Many topics can be covered in the Intermediate Training and our trainers can customize content to meet the needs of your organization. We’ll begin with a brief review of SMART Notebook software basics.  Newest features; best practices; tools for the SMART Board/SMART interactive projector/SMART flat panel; structuring and organizing lessons; adding style to lesson activities; building interactive lesson activities; integrating rich media; lesson development hints; and more can be covered. There will be time for hands-on lesson creation using materials of the teachers’ choice.

Teachers will transform instruction by learning sophisticated techniques to engage learners.

Value added!  At the end of this training, teachers will receive a multitude of SMART Notebook lesson files organized by content area to be immediately used in upcoming lessons.

For more information or to schedule this intermediate SMARTBoard training, please contact Make the Grade Training Solutions™ at 815-814-4281.

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